8 Brand Video Story Development Concepts

The Web has spawned many great opportunities for people in general and businesses in particular. One of the byproducts of ubiquitous access and use is the ability of anyone with a Web-ready device and Internet connection to participate. Pardon me for being cynical, but maybe not everyone is capable of participating in a meaningful manner. What I’m saying is the Web has created a whole new venue for amateurism that has both positive and negative consequences.The High Cost of AmateurismOn the positive side many creative and intelligent people are now able to present their talents and knowledge to a global audience whereas ‘Before The Web Era’ they had to settle for friends and family or at best a local audience. On the downside, just because everyone can do something doesn’t mean they should. I am not even talking about the silly, uninformed comments that appear everywhere, or even the dumb-and-dumber user-generated videos that highlight adolescent stunts and salacious exhibitionism. What I am talking about is how so many legitimate businesses opt for amateur video presentations without the slightest understanding of the damage they are doing to their businesses.To my mind, your image and message are far too important to leave up to amateurs who don’t understand how to develop and present a marketing message using the Web video medium, a medium that differs from television advertising and corporate presentations as much as it differs from print. For those who think that professional Web video is too expensive, I would advise the real cost of DIY and amateurism is lost sales and reputation.It’s About Concept and PerformanceThe truth is you can get away with a lot of technical stuff on the Web but you can never get away with inferior messaging both in concept and performance. The true essence of Web video professionalism is how your business message is turned into a compelling brand story, a mission that should not be taken lightly. I have said it many times but Web Video is an exercise in psychological persuasion not a display of technical wizardry. If you don’t understand how to convert your message into a meaningful brand story, it is best you find someone who does.8 Brand Video Story Development Concepts1. Story FormBusiness people trained in number-centric management practices often reject, or at least bridle at the notion of storytelling as a legitimate business function, but unless you have a good story to tell no one is going to listen to what you have to say.Within the movie business it is often said that there are only seven movies: these are the prototypical plots that can be presented in some compelling fashion over two hours. The difference between an award winning movie and a flop is how that story is told, a function of script and performance. Your marketing video must contain the same kind of conceptual reference in order to deliver the message quickly and effectively.2. TransformationThere are many ways to present your story but every story needs a hero or heroine. He or she is your brand representative who is transformed from one condition or state-of-mind to another. This is the symbolic transformation that your audience vicariously goes through as they watch, a transformation that changes their attitudes, perceptions, and prejudices. It is the process of psychologically moving your viewer from prospect to client. It is the process of conversion.3. ObstaclesNo transformation is complete without overcoming some obstacle in the same way no sale is closed without overcoming some objection. The bigger the obstacle, the more powerful the message becomes.Everyone instinctively understands their product or service must solve a problem but the problem-solving nature of your solution may not be as apparent as first thought, and a poorly constructed video can actually negate what your trying to accomplish.4. The SetupWithout a setup your message will fail to make an impact. This is one of the hardest things to get people to recognize. Like any memorable anecdote or magic trick, you cannot skip the setup; without a setup a punch line (your tag line) will have no meaning.5. Consistent Signature PatternsHuman beings learn through pattern recognition. If the audience can’t recognize the pattern you don’t have a brand. Successful brand development uses consistent language, attitude, and point-of-view, supported by consistent image, color, and style, presented within a consistent contextual framework.6. CampaignsOne-off presentations don’t result in long-term clients any more than a one-night stand results in a long-term relationship. You must continually support and enhance your identity and image with supportive content and material.7. Emotional Value PropositionThere are only a handful of hardwired psychological needs that drive human motivation and therefore consumption. The universality of these desires is what makes us tick, it’s what makes us make the decisions we make, and to ultimately buy what we buy. It’s the Emotional Value Proposition you offer your audience that makes them a client. A reliance on fads and features might lead to short-term sales but they’ll rarely lead to long-term customers.8. PerformanceEveryone has a friend who loves to tell jokes but can never quite get it right; either they screw-up the punch line or they butcher the timing, and the story falls flat. Your brand story videos are no different. Unless they are delivered with skill and professionalism they will fail and maybe even do more harm than good. It’s not just a question of hiring someone who can actually spit the words out without getting tongue-tied; it’s about knowing how to use performance techniques within the Web video medium to deliver a memorable marketing message. It’s about performance.Final ThoughtsEveryone likes to save money, especially when the economy is not the best, but saving money at the cost of your company’s reputation and identity can be a costly mistake. Technology has provided the business executive and company owner with all kinds of benefits, but it would be a mistake to think technology solves psychological concerns; and sales and marketing are most definitely psychological issues.


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5D Mk2 – The Cannon SLR Digital Camera For Me

There are loads of reasons why the 5D Mk2 is the ideal choice if you’re planning on getting a Cannon SLR Digital Camera. The auto focus system is accurate and very fast when used on single-shot mode, the auto-exposure system is also very accurate and sets just the right camera settings. But before we gush on and on about how great a camera the Canon 5D Mk2 is, let’s first break down the camera’s basic features.The 21-megapixel 5D Mk2 has a 3-inch LCD screen that is capable of displaying over 900,000 pixels of different colors. The LCD on this baby is probably on of the best ones you’ll ever find on a digital SLR camera. The Live View feature is also extremely helpful for critical focusing, however, you can only use it for a certain period of time because it drains the camera’s battery. Using the Live View for too long will also cause the CMOS circuitry to heat up, which in turn adds noise to the shots you take.

The Canon 5d Mk2 comes with an optional BG-E6 battery grip which makes it easier to hold the camera. The battery grip can simultaneously accommodate six AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries and two Canon lithium batteries. The 5d Mk2 is also capable of shooting video clips and short movies. However, user reviews say that the video mode doesn’t have customizable settings for ISO, iris, or shutter speed. The only setting you can tweak in video mode is the color temperature. Some users also complain that the LCD doesn’t display on-screen indicators to show the current camera settings.There is, however, an exposure lock button which will fix the camera’s settings to whatever condition is displayed on the LCD at the exact time you press the lock button. So what you basically do is you pan the 5d Mk2 around the view and location, and when you find a good setting for brightness, color, and exposure, you press the exposure lock button. The downside is that the exposure lock is reset after every shot or scene, giving you inconsistent exposures if you have multiple takes.

The Canon 5d Mk2 shoots at 30 frames per second, and not 29.97. The 0.03 difference in fps means you have to use a program (like Apple Cinema Tools) to change the header of each file before you can edit your footage to the normal 29.97 fps, 1080i or 1080p timeline. But if you’re only shooting videos for high-quality release on the web, the 30 fps shouldn’t be a problem. All in all, the 5d Mk2 is a good choice for a Cannon SLR digital camera. But if you will use it mainly to shoot videos, you might want to rethink getting a model that operates on 29.97 fps instead.